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  • System 9000 데이터수집장치
  • 미국 Micro-Measurements사의 동적 테스트 및 측정 어플리케이션을 위한 다기능의 정밀 데이터 수집 및 계측 시스템 입니다.
  • SYSTEM 8000
  • System 8000 from Micro-Measurements is a versatile, precision data acquisition instrument system intended for static and dynamic test and measurement applications.

    The system includes a scanner with 8 channels of data acquisition. A 10’ crossover Ethernet cable is also included. The scanners may be used separately or up to 16 scanners can be used concurrently for a maximum of 128 channels.

  • 통합 DAQ SYSTEM Series 6000
  • 검증된 데이터수집장치만 사용하는 NASA Marshall Flight Center와 나로우주센터에서 메인 장비로 사용해서 잘 알려진 Series 6000은 신뢰성 있는 데이터 측정을 보장합니다.
  • D4 Data Acquisition Conditioner
  • The Model D4 Data Acquisition Conditioner is a portable, USB-powered precision instrument for use with resistive strain gages and strain gage-based transducers.

    The Model D4 has four channels of data acquisition. Connection to each channel is via a RJ-45 connector. Each channel of input accepts either full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configuration. All required bridge completion components for 120-, 350-, and 1000-ohm bridges are supplied.
  • 2300 System
  • The 2300 is a sophisticated multi-channel signal-conditioning amplifier for exacting instrumentation tasks. Advanced features include an individual regulated power supply for each channel, active filtering selectable by push-button control, three simultaneous outputs per channel, playback operating mode, wide frequency response, and automatic electronic bridge balance.
  • P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder
  • The Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder is a portable, battery-operated instrument capable of simultaneously accepting four inputs from quarter-, half-, and full-bridge strain-gage circuits, including strain-gage-based transducers.

    Designed for use in a wide variety of physical test and measurement applications, the P3 functions as bridge amplifier, static strain indicator, and digital data logger.

    The P3 can be configured and operated directly from your PC with a separate software application included with each instrument.
  • Data Acquisition System 7000 (데이터 수집 장치)
  • Micro-Measurements System 7000 builds upon the years of experience gained since the introduction of Systems 4000, 5000, and 6000 by continuing to provide a complete hardware/software approach to data acquisition, reduction, and presentation for strain gages and related sensors for stress analysis testing.
  • StrainSmart is a ready-to-use, Windows? based software system for acquiring, reducing, presenting, and storing measurement data from strain gages, strain-gage-based transducers, thermocouples, temperature sensors, LVDT\'s, potentiometers, piezoelectric sensors, and other commonly used transducers.